Why You Don’t Need A Best Man Speech Template

Many people, when trying to decide what they should and should not include in their speech, search for a best man speech template.

It makes sense – after all it would be nice to have a simple structure which guides you through each section of the speech.

But is this a good idea?


I am telling you right now that you don’t really need one.

And if you go even further and end up paying for one then you are crazy!

Don’t believe me?  Ok well let me explain further by taking a look at this in more detail and I will not only show you why you don’t need a template, but I will give you one I made completely free!


Problems With Using A Template

A template seems on the face that it might be an ideal solution.  However, in our experience, it is not always like this in reality and in many cases it could actually make your speech worse.

Let me illustrate why with an example or analogy.

Imagine you were asked to create a painting.

Would a template for how the painting is to look be useful?  For example, showing where the head, body and legs went if you were painting a person.

Probably not.

The reason why is that without knowing what to put in the painting, what colours go where, how to create shade and other effects (etc) – a template would be completely useless to you.

Just as a template for a painting will not make you a good artist, a template for your speech will not help you give a good speech.

Wait A Minute – Don’t You Include A Template In Your Paid Packages??

Yes – for those of you who have checked them out, you will have seen that we include a template in some of our paid packages.

However, there is a difference to this and the example we gave above.

We also provide step-by-step instructions for each section of the template, how to fill it out and even suggested material.  It comes with a comprehensive guide and much more information – we would never sell a template on it’s own because then it would be useless.

What we have created is more of a ‘paint by numbers’ situation where we are giving you all the colours, shades, numbers and everything you need alongside the template so that it is actually useful.

Creating A Template For Your Speech Is Actually Very Easy…

To show you how easy it is to create a template – and how little use the template itself will actually be to you – we will give you a basic template absolutely free!

Here goes:
A Free Template For You:

  1. Opening Section (Introduction)
  • Here you will want to introduce yourself and let the audience know some of your relationship and history with the groom.
  • It is also traditional to compliment the bride and bridesmaids in this section.
  • Throwing in small jibes is fine but you want to keep this formal – see our best man speech guide for more on this.
  1. Middle Section (Middle)
  • This is where you want to include 2-3 stories and jokes about the groom to entertain the audience and lighten the mood for the evening.
  • It is also just as important to make sure you get what not to include in this section (and your speech) right.
  1. Final Section (Conclusion)
  • Here you will wrap things up and it is traditional to offer some advice to the new couple, as well as proposing a toast – we have you covered on this too – check out our article on this.

Here is the template in image form, for those so inclined (I guess you could make it your desktop background if you really wanted to hammer it home!):

Best Man Speech Template In Image Form
Right Click And Press ‘Save Image As’ To Save A Copy Of This Template


So, as a wedding speech templates go, that is basically it.  It doesn’t need to be incredibly complicated or crazy or anything special. 

The content that goes inside the template is a million times more important.

And you certainly don’t need to fork over some money for a template – if you think back to your school days, all you are doing is writing an essay with an introduction, main body and conclusion.

I have taken this and broken it down a little more to include a bit on what goes inside each section.

Another difference to a school essay is that you will be reading this essay out loud in front of the ’whole class’ and being judged by all of your friends on the quality of it.  No pressure!

In Summary – Why You Don’t Need A Template

There are two main reasons why you don’t need to use a template for your speech:

  1. A template can only get you so far – what does inside the template is much, much more important. Just like being told how to draw a person won’t make you an artist (or your drawing any good).
  2. We just gave you a template above – for free! We do have a more detailed template and full instructions as to how to complete it in our paid packages as well if you want something a little more thorough.

Personally, for my speeches I did not use a template – I followed the format above and added in a little more to it – which you can find in our paid products.

Ultimately, it is up to you but I would not pay a lot (or any) money just for a template – this is not going to get you over the line on the big day by itself – unfortunately it isn’t quite that simple.

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