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How To Give A Great Best Man Speech Toast

A best man speech toast can be confused by some people. Many people use the phrase ‘best man speech toast’ to mean the entire speech. However, the correct usage is the audience wide toast that is given at the end of your speech. If you think this is all a best man speech involves you have got much to learn – there is much more to your best man speech than just this! See our other articles and free best man speech guide to get more information on this.

That said, a lot of best men are a little daunted by this part of the speech – since it means taking control of the entire audience and guiding them in a unified toast. However, it does not have to be so complicated, nerve wracking or daunting. Let’s break it down for you.

Firstly, What Exactly Is A Best Man Toast?

The toast comes at the end of your best man speech, where you ask to audience ro raise their glasses (or ‘charge their glasses’ is another expression) and give a unified toast to the new bride and groom.

Normally this involves wishing marriage happiness to the recently wed couple. That is, celebrating their marriage as one. And using their new names (if the bride has taken the groom’s name) is a good way of doing this.

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

Much like a best man speech, the biggest mistake made with the toast is trying to get too fancy. Keep it simple and follow some simple ‘rules’ and guidelines – there have been plenty of best men before you who have gone through this, learn from their mistakes.

The structure for your toast should be:  

Invite the audience to raise their glasses > Quote about marriage (optional) > Wish the couple well > “To the bride and groom!”.
That’s it – simple as that. Except you would use their names as you know them – more on this later.

Putting Quotes In Your Toast

There is an old saying that everything worth saying has been said before. So take advantage of this. Find a short quote about marriage or happiness. By short I mean 1-2 sentences – remember everyone will be holding their glasses in the air waiting on you so now is not the time to recite verses of poetry!

There should be no jokes in the quote. The time for joking is over – this should be sincere.

Other Parts Of The Toast

Remember that quotes are optional and it is more than fine not to use one – in fact I recommend not using them unless you are supremely confident.

For the rest of the toast, again keep it simple. Wish the bride and groom well – that they have a happy marriage. I wont give you suggestions for this as you should keep it unique, from the heart and in your own words. Again, keep it sincere – no jokes. One or two sentences maximum.

Finally you are simply going to finish the toast how any toast is finished by using the word “to” and then the names of who you are toasting – “the bride and groom”. Dont say bride and groom though. Here is what you should say:

– The newly married couple!

– Mr and Mrs Smith! This is assuming she is taking his name.

– John and Jenny! First names are totally fine – this is best if you’ve used their first names throughout the speech.

That is basically it – stick to one of these 3 options and don’t do anything more fancy than these.

The Best Man Speech Toast – Conclusion

Follow the formula in this article and remember the “3 S’s”of a best man speech toast: simple, sincere and short. And remember, the toast comes at the end of your speech – at which point it will all be over and you will have hopefully nailed it (with our help).


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