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How To Write A Funny Best Man Speech

Writing and giving a funny best man speech is what most best men are interested in – it is the ultimate goal.

Nevertheless, we do not encourage copying jokes from the internet. This will come across as cheesy and your speech will fail.

The problem is that, firstly, you aren’t the first to do this and people will have heard them before (and therefore know that you used copied lines and jokes) and, secondly, these jokes are usually very cheesy ‘dad jokes’ and they make your speech much worse in tone.

But if you can’t simply copy jokes online or use the internet, how do you write a funny best man speech? Let’s go through a suggested step by step routine…


Firstly, Start By Brainstorming

Rather than wasting time online, where you will not find what you are looking for, grab a piece of paper and a pencil and do some brainstorming.

What you are going to do is write down as many events and stories as you can about you and the groom.

A good way to do this is to work chronologically – start from when you first met the groom right up to today. Don’t forget the stag do – although be careful with these stories…


Some Topics For Funny Jokes And Your Brainstorming

It is very difficult to come up with ideas for funny stories without actually knowing the groom but from our best man speech reviews, here is a list of topics for you to think about and work with:

– Things the groom is or used to be obsessed with – to an almost unhealthy extent.

– How good was the groom with girls? Be careful on this topic though – do not mention ex-girlfriends!

– Weird clothes, hair styles or outfits that the groom used to have.

– Things that the groom thinks he is good at – make fun of him and demonstrate that he isn’t actually good at them by exaggerating some stories.

– Opinions that people have about the groom that are either are not true or you can pretend are not true. For example, maybe everyone thinks is an intelligent, quiet, shy, well mannered guy. Well then tell or exaggerate a story to show that this is not true.

– Music, TV shows or sports teams that the groom used to like or support. What was the first album he ever got (this is usually pretty embarrassing for almost everyone)?

– Did the groom used to collect anything weird like card, pins or toys?

– Drunk stories or embarrassing things the groom has attempted while drunk.

– Stories involving the bride – these are absolute gold. What was their first date? Are there any other embarrassing moments? What does the bride hate most about him? There is a lot of potential here!


Other Sources For Your Jokes And Stories

If you are still struggling to come up with 2-5 good jokes and stories, you can turn to other sources for help.

And, again, I repeat that the internet is not one such source (except this site of course!).

Firstly, if possible, you can speak to the parents of the groom – you can even run the list above by them as they will know most of the answers. Having seen the groom through puberty, you can bet that they will have one or two stories – maybe even something you can turn into ‘The Twist’ (if you don’t know what this is, see our free best man speech guide.

Secondly, you can speak to the bride herself. It is totally fine to do this as you are not ‘ruining’ the speech – she won’t know exactly how you plan on spinning the questions you are asking her and she won’t see the end result until on the day. If you look at the final bullet point in the list above, she will be an excellent source for these stories.


Now It Is Time To Exaggerate

With your list of stories and ideas in front of you, circle the ones that you think are the best and could make a funny story.

You want to have 2-5 good ones – it depends on the length of the stories you have – 2 if they are very long (two or three paragraphs each) or 5 if they are very short (just a sentence or two).

Now we are going to work to exaggerate the stories and make them better.

This is a very common tool for creating funny stories. You didn’t actually think that all those ‘real life’ events actually happened to stand up comedians did you? Their lives are not so blessed where incredibly funny stuff just happens naturally to them every day and the jokes write themselves.

Instead, what they do is follow the exact same process that you did above – start with the basic frame of what could become a funny story – then they tweaked and exaggerated until it was one! Of course some of the stuff they added wasn’t real (and people usually know this) – but it doesn’t matter…

What do we mean by exaggerate? Emphasis certain points in the story that will make it more funny – where you were, what you were doing, what the groom was wearing, how other people reacted, the outcome of the story – and so on.

Be silly with the whole thing and see where it goes


Next, Re-Write Your Stories Many Times

Don’t worry if what you have written still isn’t that great – now you have a great basis to work with.

What will happen now is that you’ll get little ideas that you can insert into the story or tweaks that you can make that will make it funnier. This will happen gradually over time.

Another thing you can do is show what you have written to someone else – your significant other, for example. Get their point of view as to how you could make the story funnier and get their ideas.

The more small ideas and tweaks that you make, the funnier the stories will become.


But What About Best Man Speech One Liners?

One liners usually don’t work well for the reasons I mentioned at the start – they are too cheesy, have been done before, come across as desperate and sound like ‘dad jokes’.

The problem with one liners is that they are not unique (not specifically about your bride and groom) and they make your speech seem cheesy and tacky.

Another problem with one liners is that they very rarely make your speech, but they can certainly break your speech.

You see, if you get them wrong, people will only remember you for these bad one liners and you might as well not have bothered with the rest of your speech…

So if you are considering filling your speech with cheesy one liners, I would ask yourself whether or not you want to run the risk of it completely ruining your speech and those being the only things you are remembered for.


When Do One Liners Work?

I would say that if you have found a couple of good one liners and you are adamant about including them, then follow these simple rules:

– Try to make them about the groom and insert him into the joke if you can.

– Use these jokes inside the stories you have developed above – as part of the ‘exaggerating’ process. They are not the main crux of the speech.


In Conclusion

Writing a funny best man speech can be difficult – but if you follow the process and tricks above I think you will end up with something very useful.

Don’t use cheesy lines and try to write funny unique stories – even if you have to speak to other people to get the information you need for these.

Good luck!



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