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“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how it went.  The speech was going well but then it came to the twist (one of the 3 secrets).  After this people were crying with laughter and I knew then that I had done it.  What you are offering is great and I can’t thank you enough.”  Brian M, London


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You Only Get One Chance To Give Your Speech – Don’t Blow It

There’s no doubt – speeches can be tough! Your speech is expected to be one of the highlights of the wedding.

Is it any wonder then why so many guys stumble over their words, make an ass out of them self or simply duck out of requests to be a best man because they fear the humiliation that comes from messing up?

I’ve Been In Your Shoes Many Times Before

It was many years ago – over a decade now – when I was best man for the first time. After my friend asked me and the initial excitement wore off, I have to admit my stomach dropped at the thought of having to stand up and give a speech to hundreds of people.

Like anyone being nervous, I turned to the internet for ideas, quotes and jokes for my speech…

Learn From My Mistakes

You might want to think twice before you swipe a few jokes, quotes and one liner’s from the internet. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way!

I Completely Blew My First Best Man Speech

It was a disaster. You could have heard a pin drop as I delivered these lines that I had found on the internet. I don’t think I’ve ever been as embarrassed as I was.

It was painful. I wanted the ground to swallow me but that wasn’t the end…

I had to stick around for the entire evening afterward of course!

It felt like hours and hours and hours of people’s eyes burning holes through me until the night was finally over.

Here’s the problem: It turns out that those old, used, cheesy lines from the internet do not make great best man speeches. Unless you want people laughing at you, instead of with you, you might want to rethink it. If you want to write one of the best wedding speeches ever you need to do something a little different.

The next time I was asked to be best man I spent so much money to get it right. I bought books. I attended toastmasters sessions (a group which trains and helps people with public speaking)… I even paid a videographer to let me watch videos of speeches from the weddings he had been to! It was through watching hundreds of videos that I learned ‘The 3 Secrets To A Top Best Man Speech’

I Made This Website So That You Can Learn From My Mistakes – Get Your Free Guide And Discover The 3 Secrets That All The Best Speeches Use:


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The 3 Strategies You Need To Make Your Speech A Complete Success


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  • A complete “done-for-you” template so you know exactly what to say and when to say it.
  • You will learn a simple, step-by-step guide on how to write your speech in the shortest time possible.
  • Identify the correct structure for your speech so that nothing is left out and no one feels left out
  • Discover what you absolutely must and must not include in your speech if you want it to go off without a hitch (this is where so many guys fail)
  • Find out how to avoid the embarrassing mistakes that 9 out of 10 guys make when it comes to jokes, and where to place them so you’ll get the most laughs
  • Uncover how to capture the attention of the ladies in the room and entertain them (it’s not all about the groom!)
  • Recognize the critical moment when you need to draw the line with your jokes
  • Top notch sample material for your speech – from the many speeches we have helped with
  • The 6 golden rules you must abide by if you want the applause

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Helping you with a simple, easy and proven system is why I created this website.

“Thanks very much for the tips and advice, much appreciated. The guide was a great help!
I’ll get working on the twist! This is part I’m finding difficult.”

Derek B

“Thank you so much for your input.
I will practice the speech and let you know how it goes.”

Wayne C

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Is This Free?

Our guide on the 3 secrets to a top speech is completely free. We do offer other paid services including speech reviews, best man speech one liners, sample jokes and material, a speech template and much more (see the link at the bottom of this page). However, we give this guide away to show you that we know our stuff.

Does This Include A Best Man Speech Template?

No and the reason for this is simple: a template is not really any use by itself. You need to know how to write each section and why – not just what to write. We do include a best man speech template in our paid packages (see the link below) but only because we also include full step by step instructions how to use it as well – so that it is actually useful. See our free articles for more – Why You Don’t Need A Best Man Speech Template

Does This Include Jokes or Sample Material?

Copying jokes or ideas from the internet is a sure-fire way to completely bomb your speech and embarrass yourself. It is the reason why we created this site in the first place – to teach you how to write a unique speech that wont be a disaster. Jokes and ideas from the internet have been done many times before – so they come across as copied, cheesy and cringe worthy. It would be like giving a speech full of ‘dad jokes’ – the audience would cringe and you’d be red-faced. For more on this, check out the article we wrote – Funny Best Man Speeches.

What About Short Best Man Speeches?

The length of your speech should be about 2-5 minutes. Any longer and it is probably too long (you risk boring the crowd); any shorter and it looks like you did not put enough effort into it. So short speeches are completely fine just don’t make them too short. With our guidance and help, this will not be a problem.

Will This Work For Me? My Situation Is Different…

Our systems work for everyone out there. We have helped people who were going to a lesbian wedding, giving a speech at an older couple’s wedding and trying to deal with a groom who is ‘boring’ and they don’t have much material for (this is actually the most common). You name it and we have done it – we have been doing this for a very long time (see below if you are wondering how long!). See our article on all the Different Best Men we have worked with.

Will You Write My Speech For Me?

The answer to this is yes and no. No – we will not write a full speech for you. The speech would not be unique and it would fail because we don’t know your groom as well as you do – so can’t write from the heart. However, what we do is give you the tools to write an amazing speech and we then review your speech, re-write sections and write new sections that will work in the context of your speech. Trust me when I say that this works better than any paid speech writer. You can get this in our top paid package – see the link at the bottom of this page. However, we suggest that you do not consider hiring a writer. For the reasons why, check out this article – Why Hiring A Best Man Speech Writer Is A Terrible Idea

Can You Take A Look At What I’ve Written?

Absolutely – but this reserved for customers in my top package. You can order it at the link below. I have reviewed some speeches in under 24 hours, so if you are on a tight deadline do not worry about it – I can still help. I would say that you do want to take action and start now as you want to leave time to practice – this is essential to make sure that everything goes well on the day.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Make sure and check out our blog at the link at the end of this page – this is where we constantly provide more free tips and information not in the free guide We also have paid packages and solutions at the link at the bottom of this page.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

This site has been up and running for nearly 3 years now. We would estimate that our free guide has been downloaded more than 1,000 times – so we can now say that we have helped over 1,000 people give a great speech and not make the mistakes I did before I launched this business. That’s pretty cool.

I Have Another Question Not Listed Here…

No problem – get in touch with us at our contact page – see the link at the bottom of the page. We usually answer emails pretty quickly.

For more information and to see our paid best man speech solutions – check out the links in the footer below.

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