Why Hiring A Best Man Speech Writer Is A Terrible Idea

It’s probably pretty weird or a little strange to see someone who runs a speech writing web site tell you that you don’t need a best man speech writer – but stay with me and I’ll explain.

Firstly, I’d like to point out that I do not offer speech writing services – I am about to explain the reasons why and also why hiring a best man speech writer could be a huge mistake.

Many people – in a panicked state, incredibly nervous and scared about not knowing what they are doing – decide to hire a speechwriter.

I am going to show you today that, firstly, this could actually make your speech worse and, secondly, it is not necessary at all – the right tools and techniques are out there to help you write a speech.  You just need to know where and how to find them.

And just so I am clear, even if you are terrible at English, can’t write to save yourself and are completely clueless as to how to write your speech – you should not hire a writer.

Ok now that I’ve got that out the way, let’s get started.

How A Best Man Speech Writer Could Make Your Speech Worse

The simple fact of the matter is that getting someone else to write your speech could actually end up making it a complete disaster.  You might end up in the top 10 worst wedding speeches of all time if you’re not careful.

No offense to best man speech writers out there, but this is not the job where you want an independent third party writing your speech and words for you.

Most people don’t think about this because they are in such a panicked state and so desperate to get it written that they will gladly pay someone else to do it.

Here is why your speech could actually be worse if you use a best man speech writer:

  1. Many people who write speeches might be good at writing generic speeches, but a best man speech is a very specific kind of speech where you have to follow a set It is completely different to every other kind of speech out there.  So, some speech writers will not actually be that great at writing them.
  2. A best man speech is supposed to be a personal.  It is you talking about the groom and the personal relationship you have with them.  A third party writer does not know your groom.  A third party writer has never met your groom.  He won’t be able to help write the inside and relevant jokes or stories related to your friend.  Only you can do this.
  3. Everyone has different styles, uses of language and ways of speaking – if someone else has written your speech it will be 100% obvious to anyone who knows you. As an example of this, take a look at all the paragraphs and sentences in this article.  Is this how you’d right them?  Is this your style?  Of course not!  Everyone has a completely different style.  If I wrote and tried to be you in my style it would be a complete disaster!
  4. Finally, a speech writer won’t be able to write from the heart. As we revealed in our best man speech eBook, the final section of your speech should be a sincere, personal one – where you talk to the bride and groom from the heart.  It is impossible to talk to someone from the heart in an authentic way if you have never met them.

The best way of putting it would be:

You wouldn’t have someone else actually give the speech instead of you would you – so why would you have someone else write the speech?

Reading someone else’s words of a sheet of paper is essentially the same thing as having them give the speech.

How weird would that be?

The above it an example of what your speech could end up like if you use an outside writer!

If You Shouldn’t Hire A Writer, What Should You Do?

If you are thinking the above means that you are now completely stuck, then don’t worry.

I know for an absolute fact that anyone can produce a great best man speech without using a writer.

Really, anyone.

You just need the right guidance.

Here are some options for you:

  1. Get help from people around you. Your partner, some friends or others who maybe have written a best man speech before.  Find people you trust and see if they can help you.  Test your speech and what you had planned out on them.
  2. Research and work hard to find out what exactly you need to do. The information is out that and you can work it out if you put the effort in.
  3. If neither of the above two situations apply to you, then you absolutely can pay for professional help.  Just don’t hire a writer.  Get help which shows you exactly what to do and how to write a speech.  This is exactly what we do at Unique Best Man Speeches.  And if you are really worried and stuck we will even review your speech for you – we won’t write it for all the reasons we mentioned above, but we will take a look at it, make suggestions for changed and edit it for you.  This is after we have given you step by step instructions as to how to write it yourself.


In Summary

Hiring a writer for your best man speech could be an absolutely massive mistake.  Standing up and saying words that you didn’t actually write at a wedding will – in most cases – be completely obvious and awkward.  It would be much worse than attempting to do it yourself and making a few mistakes (people expect you to make mistakes in a best man speech – this isn’t a professional show).

We advice that you learn how to write a best man speech yourself – through help from friends and family, your own research and information gathering or paid professional help (just don’t pay to have it written!).

Got any questions about this at all?  Leave us a message in the comment box below and we’ll get back to you!

Our Speech Guidance – Help Without Hiring A Writer

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Just note that we don’t offer best man speech writer services for all the reasons listed in this article.