Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the questions we get commonly asked – about our paid best man speech solutions, but also best man speeches and wedding speeches in general.

If you have a question not listed here – get in touch with us – or you can leave a comment on any of our articles and we will answer it as soon as we can.

1. How Quickly Will I Receive The Files?

– All the files – whether free or paid for – are available for download instantly. They are sent by PDF – which you can open with Adobe or another PDF reads. We will also email you the download link which is good for 1 month.

2. How Fast Can You Review Speeches (For The Deluxe Pack)?

– I have turned speeches around in less than 24 hours. Unless you are super pressed (under 2 days away from speech time) you will be fine. If you are less than 48 hours away please email me and let me know that it is urgent well in advance.

3. Do You Write Speeches In Full Or Do Skype Reviews (To Go Over Timing etc)?

– Yes, prices vary depend on what time of year it is and how busy we are. Please contact me to check availability and price – we can discuss this further.

4. Do You Provide Free Best Man Speech Help?

– Yes, check out our best man speech guide – ‘The 3 Secrets To A Top Best Man Speech’ which you can download completely free!

5. Who Are You And Why Should I Trust You?

– I have been best man 3 times at different weddings. After the first time was a complete disaster, I studied and learned everything there is to know about best man speeches. The next 2 speeches were really great. So I made this site to pass on all the stuff that I have learned.

6. What About A Best Man Speech Template?

– The answer to this is both yes and no. We do actually include a best man speech template in our paid ‘Best Man Speech Solution’. However, generally speaking, we do not think that you should use a completely random template for your speech. For more than this, check our article on this – Why You Don’t Need A Best Man Speech Template.

7. Can't You Just Write My Best Man Speech For Me?

– No. Well I mean that we could but we don’t. The reason is that if you get someone else to write your speech for you it will probably be terrible. This is because people can tell that a speech wasn’t written by you – it will sound completely different to how you talk and won’t contain the personal touches (jokes, anecdotes, references) that are in a normal speech. For a full explanation of this, see our article Why Hiring A Best Man Speech Writer Is A Bad Idea.

8. What About The Other Wedding Speeches?

– We focus purely on the best man speech – we do not have any guides for any of the other wedding speeches. We do have a quick explanation of what the other wedding speeches are and how they fit in with yours at our article The Other Wedding Speeches.

9. What Are The Biggest Mistakes That People Make With Their Speeches?

– This is something that we have already covered in detail in our free article The Top 10 Greatest Best Man Speech Mistakes

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