Best Man Speech Ideas


Quick And Easy Best Man Speech Ideas

In this article we’ll outline some tips to get the juices flowing on that best man speech and come up with some good ideas. Make sure and do not leave your speech until too late – you will want some time to practice it!


1. Initial Research

Initial research should compose of brainstorming any stories and previous events about the groom that you can think of. Do not simply copy jokes or stories from the internet – these come across as tacky and will probably look very out of place in your speech. We’ll talk more about this in point two below.

However, putting in a few choice quotes – especially during the toast section at the end where you talk about life together for the couple – is definitely a good idea. Look for quotes and things related to love, marriage and family. These will be useful in how you end your speech (which is the most important part) – when you give the heartwarming toast.


2. Brainstorming For Your Speech

Start by writing a list of all the things that the couple enjoy doing. Their favourite sports, teams, events, music, places, bars, shops (etc). This list will then give you the spark for best man speech ideas.

In addition to this, if your speech mentions these things it will show that you have really thought about the couple when planning it, instead of just writing something really generic. This is how you get a unique best man speech that will see you go down in history, not embarrass yourself with cheesy ‘dad jokes’ from the internet!

Using what you know is always the best idea. If you don’t have a lot of material, take what you have and exaggerate it. This is what many top comedians do – those stories they tell about what happened to them that day are not real but very exaggerated versions of what really happened! It’s very hard to find actual celebrity best ma speeches that have been used in the past because these things are usually kept private, but


3. Speak To The Couple (Especially The Bride) While Writing Your Speech

You don’t have to specifically tell the couple that you’re digging for dirt for your speech. The next time you see them, pry into some details that you’re interested in. Do it over a drink, then you might get some really good material out of them! Things like how they first met, their first dates, things he does that annoys her. In fact…

The bride is gold-mine for this. When talking to the bride it actually doesn’t even matter if you tell her that you need some material for your speech! You can then get some great material from her and exaggerate it a little to really bring your speech to the next level.

Some examples: How did they meet? What does she find most annoying about him? What’s the worst date they’ve ever been on? Dig for fun stories like these – they will be absolute gold for your speech



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