What Makes A Successful Best Man Speech?

What Makes A Great Best Man Speech?

I have actually been to a number of wedding celebrations over the last couple of years and also have listened to some intriguing as well as different sorts of best man speeches. In the next couple of paragraphs, I am going to discuss some of the much more successful speeches, which could help other people when it involves their efforts to offer a best man’s speech.

The Speech Beginning

It goes without saying that lots of people will be really nervous about standing in front of a space complete of individuals as well as talking concerning the groom.

Every one of the attention for that brief duration is totally concentrated on the best man, which could be quite daunting. In my opinion it is a smart idea to begin the speech with a straightforward joke – after you’ve done a simple opening (ladies and gentlemen, introduce your name, how you know the groom).

If, which certainly is the hope, the guests discover this joke funny, it will put everybody at east, most notably the best man himself. After beginning well, the best man needs to gain in self-confidence, which will certainly help him to deliver the rest of the speech in a somewhat more unwinded fashion.

At a current wedding event which I attended the best man did precisely this. He was the younger sibling of the groom and also began his speech by informing the rest of the visitors simply how anxious he was really feeling. He opened with a little joke concerning the groom and you could noticeably see the alleviation on his face. This is why we tell individuals that the very first component of the speech needs to be where you take tiny jabs at the groom, yet do the little things right – like praising the bridesmaids and also the bride herself.

The Twist

In our free guide The 3 Secrets To A Top Best Man Speech, we introduce ‘The Twist’ as one of the 3 secrets. I have seen some interesting versions of this in some recent best man speeches.

Props are the most common version of this. This could be in the kind of photos from when the groom was a youngster as an example. By revealing these visual aids to the guests, it brings their whole attention on to the speech, while taking some eyes off of you for a minute – to give you a much needed break.

Stories And Jokes

I often hear a best man describing an event from the groom’s past. This event can have been as current as the stag do or can be a few other encounters which the groom has remembered. These experiences and tales ought to aim to make individuals laugh but need to be clean and not include any adult material. I saw once best man who failed really badly at this. The problem is that after the speech, this is all everyone was talking about. Again, I repeat: no adult or vulgar stories or jokes

Speech Preparation

Prep work is vital and it would be a great idea to rehearse the best man’s speech a few times before the special day itself. There is likewise nothing incorrect with bringing some notepads to assist you to keep in mind exactly what it is you want to say on the day.

And it always helps to get a quick workout to reduce stress before speaking!

Length Is Important…

That’s what she said. Yes, I said no jokes like this in your speech but on this site they are fine!

I have been to some wedding celebrations where the best man’s speech just never ever feels like it would ever finish. My advice would certainly be to talk for between two and five minutes.

I really hope the above offers you some motivation and also helps you in your mission to provide an intriguing and effective best man’s speech.


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