Best Man Speech Help


Best Man Speech Help

If you’re having problem with the entire process of composing and also worried about giving a great best mans speech – then we’ve got 3 key pointers in this article to help you out. Follow our 3 point plan below and your speech will go a lot more smoothly.

1. Preparation – What Is Involved?

  • Working on your speech well in advance of the wedding – to leave time to practice.
  • Thinking about stories, speaking to the bride and groom and seeking inspiration for the content of your speech.
  • Learning more about the wedding, where your speech goes and any other duties you’re expected to perform. For more on this, see our post on best man speech duties
  • Learning how a best man speech is structured and what exactly needs to be included.
  • Finding out how to write a great best man speech (this is where we can help)
  • Brainstorming is a useful technique here – think back to any stories or anything you can remember about your history with the groom. Write it all down – writing it down could lead to inspiration for more stories and jokes!

2. Rehearsing Your Best Man Speech

  • The old cliché is definitely true: practice makes perfect. If you don’t leave time to practice and rehearse your speech, it will fail.
  • Try our different ways and techniques to make your stories and jokes better.
  • Recognise who you are talking to and which lines you probably should cut from your speech. Cutting lines out that just don’t work is an important part of rehearsing.
  • Practice keeping your head up and making eye contact with the audience. You should also plan to look over at the bride and groom themselves at important points in your speech.
  • Work on the comedic timing of your jokes and stories – inserting pauses where appropriate to build tension with the crowd.
  • Find someone you trust and read your speech out loud to them. Sometimes it takes another person to point out any flaws or with your speech. Many people skip this but it is an absolutely crucial step in best man speech rehearsal.

3. How To Get Over Your Nerves

  • If you are very nervous, do some research on tools and techniques to deal with nerves. You can also check out our post on best man speech nerves.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol as a way to get over nerves. This could have the opposite effect and make them much worse.
  • One of the best ways to conquer your nerves is to follow steps (1) and (2). The better prepared and more practiced you are, the less nervous you’ll be as you will have delivered your speech dozens of times already (in practice form).


At Unique Best Man Speeches we’ve been helping best men like you with their speeches – for years. We have literally helped hundreds of best men. We like to think we understand best man speeches better than anyone else out there.

If you’re struggling with writing your best man speech, stressed over humiliating yourself or merely aren’t sure exactly what you’re meant to include check out our free Best Man Speech guide – and learn ‘The 3 Secrets To A Top Best Man Speech’.


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