Best Man Speech Nerves


How To Deal With Best Man Speech Nerves

So, you are the lucky individual, who has actually been chosen as the best man! It is in truth, a wonderful feeling of happiness as well as joy, to be such an important part of the biggest day in your groom’s life. However, when it comes to giving the speech many people are full of fear and anxiety

By now it has probably dawned on you that you are about to enter a room packed with people – all of whom are expecting you to be their #1 entertainment for the evening.

You have simply been hit by the infamous best man speech nerves.

Best Man Speech Nerves Strike Everyone

Do not fret however. Actually pretty much 100% of best men we talk to are anxious and nervous concerning it. In fact, studies have found that many people are more afraid of public speaking than death!

In addition to this, no matter exactly how great a public audio speaker they are or exactly how excellent their speech is – almost everyone will be nervous. Even top athletes who have been there and done it 100 times before get nervous before a race or event.

With our aid, you will overcome those best man speech nerves…

How To Begin To Overcome Your Nerves

To start with, first you need to remember what exactly it is you are doing and take a step back from everything. You are delivering a speech. Reading some words off a piece of paper. You are not performing heart surgery. This is not life or death.

So when you find yourself really worried, just remember this. Repeat to yourself “I am just reading some words off of a piece of paper.”

Preparation Is Vital To Overcome Nerves

I can’t emphasise enough how important preparation is in overcoming your nerves. Do not leave it until the last minute to practice and rehearse your speech – especially if you are nervous about it.

Practice reading the speech by yourself (a lot). Even more importantly, practice reading it aloud – things are completely different when read aloud. And give your speech to a significant other or someone you trust – this is important not just to overcome nerves but to make the speech better and get objective advice.

Remember above when we said “I am just reading some words off a piece of paper”? Well if you have practiced and rehearsed reading these words then your nerves will be much lower and your delivery will come much easier. The first time you drove a car it was hard and you were probably incredibly nervous; now you probably do it without thinking and barely even bat an eyelid. That is the power of practice and repetition.

Make Giving The Speech Easy For Yourself

Write the speech in vibrant as well as big letters – however not everything needs to be written in just caps. Just ensure that you have done so for the crucial lines, to make sure that they are highlighted. This will help you focus – especially if you have practiced the speech.

And do not leave things to change. A good example of this is the opening line. Don’t just skip the opening line from your speech cards or highlighted crucial lines – even if the line is as simple as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’. (FYI – this is the best possible opening line, do not open with a cheesy joke).

In fact, the opening line is crucial to overcoming nerves. Blast it out as loudly as you possibly can – like you were rallying a crowd at an event. Just doing this will give you confidence and let the audience know you are in control – it will really help your nerves.

Eat Lots, Drink Little

Eating cannot actually help lower your nerves and it is encouraged by professionals too. You obtain power from food and it is very essential for nerve control.

The same does not apply to alcohol. Don’t drink alcohol to eliminate your nerves though (you can have a little but not a lot).

Your Body Language Will Help

Just as you belt out your opening line, lift your shoulders up and make yourself as big as possible. Studies have shown that this can decrease nerves

And try to smile! It makes you really feel good as well – and has the same effect on every person around you also. So when you stand up to start your speech remember to smile. The best way to do this is early in the speech to take a little jab at the groom and remind him that he is the one who should be nervous – not you!

In Summary

If you take 3 things from this article, or were simply too lazy to read the whole thing, then here are the key points:

1. Remember all you are doing is reading lines from a piece of paper.

2. Practice, practice, practice! If you know your speech inside out, as soon as you start to speak your nerves will disappear if you have rehearsed the speech – as you will know what lines are coming and can focus on simply delivering them.

3. Eat a lot, drink a little. Many a best man speech has been ruined due to the best man getting too drunk and sloppy. There will be plenty of time for drinks after the speech is over.

These are few of the tips that would absolutely help in conquering the notorious best man speech nerves. If you are actually anxious, fire us a message as well as we’ll see how we can assist (we do not bite!) – contact@uniquebestmanspeeches.co.uk.



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